Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blessings of Blogging

How blogging has been such a blessing to me and why I must keep writing.
It helps me:
~ stay close to my faith.
~ share my faith.
~process the storms while I am living through them.
~share memories with family and friends
~see how blessed my life is.
~share my insides with others.
~get to know others life stories.
~encourages me to look into my own heart.
~share my heart now and after I am gone.
~it keeps my life Christ-Centered.
~to go back and see how far I have journeyed through grief, relationships, and life.

Before this blog I would journal in 2 different ways. 

Whenever we took a trip I would journal and insist my kids journal also. Hmmm, wonder where all those journals are. Maybe I should have insisted on being organized.

When I was angry, hurt or frustrated I would journal. Hope those are buried forever. I would be sad if someone ever uncovered the hate I spewed at those ugly times in my life.

Blogging is different. Blogging is at its best, a routine that I get into and it is not destructive but uplifting and encouraging. Oh there are whiney, pity-party blogs to be sure but generally when I share in my blog it is positive.

I have not been faithful to blogging in the past several months and my attitude toward life has suffered. Crazy to admit that I need this to stay centered. 

In Him,

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  1. I'm so glad you're blogging again. I have missed your blogs. And I am grateful to you for encouraging me to blog. It is a wonderful tool.