Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sand Toy Basket Thank You

A simple laundry basket full of sand toys brought the sweetest 'Thank you' to me today. Ron and I are blessed that our backyard is right on a busy, neighborhood park. The joyful noises waft into our home from all the families, soccer teams, frisbee tossers, and dog walkers. But by far our favorite sounds come from the little ones on the swings and digging with shovels in the sand.

A couple of years ago we put a laundry basket full of sand toys at our back gate for everyone to use. It was easy to remember the park days when our kids were little and all the things we lugged to the park. Our thought was if there were community sand toys that would be one less things parents would have to haul in and out of their minivans.

It has been a pleasure watching others enjoy the plastic buckets that are always placed back in our fence as families return home for dinner. Living on our park that my grandkids have lovingly named 'Noni's Park' is one of my greatest gifts. God has planted us here to enjoy watching others enjoying life. From the teams to the youth group playing ultimate frisbee the park is our best entertainment. We have a front row seat to the love and life that is such a part of raising kids.

Today a sweet mom and her 3 year old came up to our home with a little white envelope. This precious little one handed it to me with a shy smile. Inside were two fingerpainted pictures. A beautiful rainbow and a colorful thank you and on the back her thoughtful mom wrote 'thanks for letting us use your park toys.' This brought tears to my eyes as I told her I was thankful to get to share them with her.

It is so true that it is better to give than to receive. We are always blessed when we do for others. My laundry basket is almost ready to be put away for the winter as less kiddos will be at the park with the chilly weather. But next spring, Ron and I will be back at the store searching for just the right toys to be used by so many little hands in Noni's Park.

In Him,


  1. That is so lovely that you share the sand toys in the laundry basket, and what a precious art work gift you received as a thank you. Maybe you could find sand toys at stores like Goodwill, to add more to your collection.

  2. We replace them every summer. They get so much use. It is one of my favorite things about living right on the park.

  3. What a blessing to those families that you do that!!!