Sunday, May 25, 2014

God Is Our Trustworthy GPS

Pray Until Something Happens

This is something I need to do. It has been a week that has been difficult for our son, my husband and I. We are so unclear on what is the right action to take. So after struggling, fussing, and trying our own way~we pray. A few minutes ago, 4:29 am I woke up with a strong image. Is this an answer? A mother's protective heart? Do I act or ignore it?

One prayer I keep praying this week is Give Us Wisdom. It keeps occurring to me that I need to pray Give Ron Direction. It feels like he needs to take the lead and I need to be in a supporting role. With that in my heart, I think I need to discuss my wake-up vision with my wise husband and trust his lead.

A truth I believe is that God loves each of us more than we can possibly love one another. God can use even our poor decisions or directions to guide us. I read once that God is like a flawless GPS that will get us where we need to go if we will only listen. Fortunately, like a tireless GPS He will keep rerouting when we refuse to listen, get distracted, or go off course by going our own way. I am going to continue to PUSH, pray until something happens, in this heartbreaking situation. I am believing that ultimately God has this in His hands even if our heads take the wrong turn because He knows our hearts.

In Him,

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