Saturday, May 24, 2014

Rough Week Do~s and Don't~s

So to be honest, this has been an extremely rough week for me.
Could I have made it a bit easier by my own actions? Well yes, I could have.
I know what helps me when life becomes overwhelming. Then why do I choose actions that don't move me through life's messes but cause me more.
Perhaps I need a list:

Do                                      Don't
Pray more                          Eat more
Go for a walk                     Go to bed
Share with a friend            Argue with a friend
Hug                                     Punch
Read the Bible                    Watch Netflix
for hours                               for hours
Have hope                           Have fear
Solve what can be               Stress over what can't be solved
Pray for others                     Rescue others
Keep perspective                  Imagine the worse
Pray more                             Fear more
Practice kindness                  Lash out
Blog                                       Whine

This week has seen my son in crisis, me with 2 abscessed teeth, 1 extraction, 1 root canal, a nasty cold, lost cat, ridiculous argument with a close friend, scary fire near our Oak Creek cabin, and it is the last 2 weeks at my middle school.
This week friends have been loving and supportive, Ron and I are praying together for our son and family, dentists have really great drugs for pain, cold medicines work, my kitty is resourceful, my friend forgave my stupidness, fire is going away from our cabin, and there is now only 1 week left of middle school, half days. Finally, I just blogged again! God is faithful even when I am in a pity party.

Romans 7:15 niv

15 I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.

 In Him,

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