Saturday, May 3, 2014

I Say~~God Says

Too often I try on my own to survive. "Tough it out, Man up, Get over it!" Isn't that what we are taught? Yet, we are a child of God. He is our Father. He doesn't want us to run from our heartaches. But His arms are there and we are welcome to crawl up into His lap for comfort. Wrap up in our faith for courage.We are encouraged to reach for His word for guidance through all circumstances. Most importantly, He assures us that we never, not ever, have to walk through life alone. Wrap up in our faith for courageWrap up in our faith for courage. His love, His strength, His wisdom, His comfort are always right here with us. Our Father.
 Lord above, comfort me. 
Give me courage, help me see.
Guide my actions, guide my words.
Let me know my prayers are heard.

 We all have life, but life abundant is when we step out on faith~scary. Have to say yes and partner with Him.  There is strength and power in His Word. Who better to listen to? Thankful He never expects me to walk through this life alone. God's guidance is far better than my own advice and direction. It is written in His Word. It is right there for me to reach toward.

In Him,

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