Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What Is In A Name?

World English Dictionary
barb 1  (bɑːb) 
— n
1.a subsidiary point facing in the opposite direction to the 
main pointof a fish-hook, harpoon, arrow, etc, intended to make extraction difficult

2.any of various pointed parts, as on barbed wire
3.a cutting remark; gibe

What is in a name? My name is Barb, Barbara. I have
always disliked my name. It seems somehow counter
to who I want to be. 
Barb is simply something to tear flesh. Whether on a
fence, a fishhook, or an ugly comment a barb is meant
to injure or exclude.

I hope to live my life unselfishly encouraging others not
leave them wounded and torn.

 The meaning of my name Barbara is Stranger.
Wait, no one wants to be a stranger. My desire is to be
 family, friend, encourager, someone who is chosen by

So if I changed my name what would I want it to mean?
American: Full of love and joyous.
 Yes, that works for me. Hey, my nickname could be Hart.
Short, similar to Barb but with such a better feel. I have
always called my kids and now my grandkids my hearts.
 Wouldn't it be wonderful
to be their Hart, full of love and joy. 

In reality, a name is just that, a name. Barb doesn't define
me. How I live my life and how I treat others shows my
heart much more than my flesh tearing name. My grandkids
call me Noni and in this blog I go by Joyful. So I am already
 shifting my name to match my personality. 

In Him,

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