Friday, November 21, 2014

Joy Filled Heart

The love of others surrounds me.
God's love is apparent in their thoughtfulness.
The heart symbol is so powerful in my life.
It brings a memory of all the hearts 
in every imaginable form others have shared with me. 
My heart overflows with the love
I receive from people each and everyday.

God wants me to know He fills my heart,
resides in my heart, 
is always only a breath away.
Whether I need Him to calm my fears,
celebrate my successes, 
or just be a warm embrace in a lonely moment.
God is forever in my heart and in my life.

Often He places just the right person in my path
to comfort me, to make me laugh, 
to realize just how fortunate I am.

Faith, Family and Friends
These are the gifts of life.

Life is filled with hurdles, heartaches, and disappointment.
It is inevitable that each day is not our happiest.
But we can have JOY even through life's storms.
Jesus~Others~then Yourself
When we live life Joyfully, 
we can walk through all circumstances
and we never have to navigate
 the path alone.

In Him,

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