Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Peabody's Coffee Must Be Black

"If you can't drink it black don't drink it."

My Gramma Peabody had fancy cups and saucers that we all wanted to use whenever we were at her house. She would only let us drink coffee out of them and only if it was black. A coffee addict, Gramma called it her 'sustenance'. Water never crossed her lips because she said it would, 'rust her pipes.' My thoughts turn to her every day as I drink my BLACK coffee each morning. 

Grampa decided at one point that coffee wasn't good for Gramma. Rather than give up her coffee, she just drank it when he wasn't home. When a car pulled into the driveway, she would shove the cup in her hand into the nearest cupboard. We found so many cups half full in her cupboards years later. Funny, Grampa never saw those cups or if he did he never said. 

After she died, we all got together and drew numbers to divide up her most precious cup and saucer collection. So many fond memories of her and these sweet treasures. I am positive I will always drink my coffee black with cheers to my beloved Gramma.

In Him,

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