Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blogging/Bible Study In The Wee Hours

As many of you know, I have a really hard time with getting enough sleep. It was rare for me to sleep past 4:30am until recently. Now my brain clock wakes me between 5 and 5:30. What changed? I think it directly relates to how I have been spending my time when I wake up and not stressing about my early rise.

Lately, I have been getting out of bed and doing my Bible study and blogging. Embracing my quiet mornings rather than dreading them has made a huge difference to my whole day. I always tell my students that attitude is everything but I wasn't putting it into practice in my own life. It made me angry that I couldn't sleep in like everyone else. Just changing my attitude to being grateful for waking up and having a bit of time before my day made all the difference. Now I look forward to getting up with a cup of coffee and my time.

What is wisdom anyway? Ethel Barrett puts it as “the ability to take the facts and relate them to your life, to put them into action.”24 

Britney gave us this challenge with her first Women's Wednesday 2 minute message.

It has been life changing for me to put a positive attitude on my sleep patterns. I am even thinking I need to set my alarm for 5am when school starts so I can have a relaxing, Christ centered start to my days. What do you bet my affect on middle schoolers and staff will be impacted by getting my focus from the start. Seems like a better start than laying in bed whining that I am awake and jealous that others are asleep. 

I wouldn't even be blogging on vacation if I was still asleep. Yeah me!

In Him,

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