Friday, July 31, 2015

Stained to Stained Glass Splendor

I love this time of year.
Excitement builds with the fresh start for the new year of school.
.Students and staff get to start with new attitudes.
Jon Guerra inspired me with his Stained Glass song.

we have stains, it's true
but when your light shines through 
we all look like stained glass windows to you

All morning I have been getting pumped to do a stained glass project that will hang in our classroom window reminding us that even our past mistakes can be turned into beauty. 
We will break crayons to represent the less than perfect choices of our past then melt them between wax paper into something that can inspire us to learn from missteps rather than feel shame, blame and regrets. None of us are perfect but it is a wrong attitude if we let them weigh us down rather than spring us forward.  My hope is for a year of growth, learning and looking forward with enthusiasm.

Stained glass has more depth and beauty than clear glass. Our lives are richer for our journey and all the twists and turns along the way.

In Him,

Stained Glass Jon Guerra

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