Sunday, August 30, 2015

Spending Actual Time On My Knees

I love the image my husband and his siblings have of their father beginning and ending each day on his knees beside his bed. If only I had put this in practice in my own prayer life.  What a powerful example Bob was to spending time with His Father in Heaven.

It is impossible to go back to my children's childhood and give them images of me on my knees. But they do know just where I sit to do my morning Bible study. I am challenging myself to get off the couch and spend a few moments on my knees each day. My hope is to come even closer and letting go of worldly distractions. Too often I ask for God's grace in situations then take back the reins with my own stubbornness. Will my posture improve my prayer life? Possibly. I will never know if I can better submit my will unless I try.

In Him I want to live my life. Those words In Him are not just the closing to my blog but my heart's desire. He walks beside me through every heartache but even at my age I lose focus and try to solve  situations on my own. 'Jesus Take The Wheel' should not just be the title of a song but my lifestyle.

So I am challenging myself to a few moments with Him actually on my knees.  I will let you know how this impacts me.  I am believing it will be life changing..

In Him,

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