Monday, August 31, 2015

Life On The Park

People have asked us if we are going to move now that Ron is retired. Although none of us can see into the future, our desire is to stay right where we are. Raising children in this small town in northern New Mexico has given us a sense of belonging. Teaching here, leading scouts and Young Life has connected us to this community. One of our greatest joys is strolling around town running into people and spending a few minutes catching up. 

I love hearing my name called out at the grocery store by young adults and getting those sincere hugs that tell me our times together matter. Even the heartbreak of losing our son has strengthened our bond with thus community. They get it when tears fill our eyes when talking about that time. The bonds of living a life in a close knit town are real. Those supports enrich each day.  

Living on the park and hearing happy sounds coming through our window brightens our home. Knowing families are enjoying time together and children are playing with the basket of park toys from back yard is precious. Last night the park was bustling with families who gathered to enjoy pizza and conversations while the little ones were surrounded by Noni's toys.  I found out they were all from the school bus stop and decided to get together to get to know each other better. I love that. The community connections surround children here in our little town. 

Ron and I will travel, may even rent our house out and stay away for long periods of time. But my hope is to always return to our home on the park and our community here. This is home and this is where we hope to live the best of our live-the rest of our lives.

In Him,

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