Saturday, August 29, 2015

Gift Of Time For Me

 Writing is such a gift to me. It centers my thoughts and shares my heart. Writing is a best friend that has seen me through so many of life's most difficult times.  My hope is that my thoughts and truths touch others. The words are a sort of history of my life, my relationships, and my faith. Rereading my  heart from the past is comforting.  Often I feel like I handle situations badly. When I read back of where my heart was I am comforted that I cling to my faith in most situations.  The relationships God has blessed me with are evident in my posts. I tend to share the loving words of others here so I will have them to remind me that I am not alone on my walk through life.

This blog started out to support a beautiful teen but it has become a lifeline for me.  Before my journaling was either confined to trips or ranting when I was angry at others. I am so grateful that my words or love, faith, and others is what this is about. My hope is it will be a window into my heart for others even after I am gone. Better for my grand kids to remember me by this than the ugliness of those previous spewings.

This has been the best therapy I could have received simply because it focuses my heart and my mind on living Joyfully. Jesus, Others, then Yourself.  It brings me to moments of being Christ centered in my life and my situations.  When I read my blog to Ron or when I go back and reread posts from the past, it always amazes me.  My grammar is not what I focus on but how my words are truly glimpses into my being.  I am encouraged.  Too often I beat myself up, just like the rest of you, for being a negative Nelly. But here I see at least my hope and am encouraged.

I would recommend writing to each of you.  If writing isn't your outlet then find what is. Do what brings you peace. Life can be difficult. Taking moments away to refresh ourselves is the best gift we can give ourselves.  I need to write. Each of us needs to make the time for ourselves everyday.

In Him,

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  1. Yes, writing is a creative outlet for me too. Both my blog and the two books I wrote. It is good you can go back and read your earlier posts and see that you did ok.