Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Barber Brothers Lifetime of Adventures


Ron and Paul have been adventurous partners for a lifetime. I love watching the joy they have when they take time to leave life behind and go out and live. They have laughed and loved their way through Mexico, countless attempts to summit Rainier, surfing mishaps at the beach, archeo-engineering with petroglyphs and winter hikes down the Grand Canyon. 

Their love for each other goes beyond brothers to best friends. Their joy in spending time together always makes for great time. Each and everyone of us should be gifted with someone that we just enjoy being with. How much better when it is a sibling that you get to spend time with. 

It would be easy to be jealous of how much they enjoy their adventures but instead it just makes us love them more. Their brotherly love is just one more thing that makes them so lovable. Cindy and I, their wives, get to see their pictures and the enthusiasm as they share their stories. It is always a challenge to decipher who saved who from the boogie men along the way and who was the sniffling sissy who had to be saved. My kids and I know that Ron is the true hero but if you talk to Paul's family they believe Paul is the one who saves Ron. Just another lifetime of brother tales.

In Him,

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