Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Our Arms Wrapping Around Others

We have opportunities each and everyday to put our arms around others and be a bright spot in their day. Too often we look inward at our own lives and convince ourselves we are too busy to offer a helping hand. It is not when it is convenient that we should support others but whenever the circumstance presents itself. Even when it is difficult we need to embrace.

Yesterday, I had a student who was struggling with feelings of suicide. It was not comfortable to hear the pain in his words. He asked for me, leaned on me. What an honor that he trusts me. My gut instinct was to let our clinical counselor handle it. After all, I lost my son to suicide. My head said this was too much, too hard and not fair. So I backed out of the room leaving him in her great care. He asked for me. Reluctantly I stepped back in. What a gift I was given for overcoming my fears and trusting that God would provide the right words. This middle schooler touched my heart. He gifted me with so much more than my presence gifted him. 

The hugs we give always positively impact two people not just one. It is on my heart to start a group of empty nest moms Encircling moms with kids at home. The idea right now is to get cards printed to hand out to young moms and a list of those who are willing, when available, to provide a one hour break. I need this in my life. Not only the kids I will get to enjoy but the interaction of answering the phone for those who could use a one hour breather and those who will say, "Yes." 

Others- not just a sign above our doors but a way of life. 

In Him,

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