Monday, October 5, 2015

The Three of Us

For the second time in our adult lives, my mom, sister and I spent a weekend together. We met halfway between their homes in Arizona and mine in New Mexico. It was a relaxed time full of laughter. My nephew laughed that halfway was in Gallup, NM where there isn't a whole lot to do. But we did exactly what each of us likes. A quick trip to the Fire Rock Casino, El Rancho Hotel where movie stars like John Wayne made all the old westerns, hot tubs, played cards and laughed as we got lost even with Siri. Gallup turned out to be perfect for our getaway.

Too often we get caught up in life and don't take the time to just be with those who are closest to our hearts.  Our hope is to make this a twice a year occurrence. I hope we really do. Who knows we may get adventurous and meet in Holbrook or Grants next time!

It is not about where we are but who we are with that matters. It was a wonderful time together.

In Him,

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