Saturday, October 17, 2015

Simple Words Refresh Me

Lord above comfort me
give me courage
help me see
guide my actions
guide my words 
let me know
my prayers are heard

So often I sing this simple little prayer. It has all that I need in such a sweet little song.  In stressful situations others don't even need to be aware that it is comforting me in my silence as I listen to their words. 

What are some comforting tunes for you? The Lord's Prayer? A Psalm? How about another truth that brings us comfort, hope and peace.

Jesus loves me
this I know
for the Bible
tells me so
little ones 
to Him belong
they are weak 
but He is strong.

Reassurance that we are love, we don't have to be strong. I love that. In a Young Life training I read that life is so hard at times that we shouldn't try to do it by ourselves. God does not cause bad things to happen but He is always there to walk beside us with His strong arms around us.

I love the 3 word prayers my YL girls and I used to share and pray for each other. There faithful praying for Ron and I 'Under one roof' for sure made the difference that brought us back to each other. Maybe just knowing that they believed in us and were willing to focus their hearts on us so often softened our hearts for each other. The truth is their love grew our love. 

What is your 3 word prayer today? Something that you can say over and over to yourself believing your simple prayer will be answered.  I will pray yours if you pray mine. Let's make a positive move in each others lives.  Trust His Plan.

In Him,

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