Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Sand Between Our Toes May Be Our Next Step

Ron and I have been talking about next steps. I visited a site for international teaching jobs. We are just exploring our possibilities. I love the thought of teaching for a year at an international school on the beach somewhere. There are jobs in the Bahamas, Virgin Islands, Belize and just about everywhere in the world. 

We are like kids just graduating from college with opportunities everywhere. This retirement gig will be exciting. Neither of us wants to sit on the couch and let the world come to us through the television. Of course, there are lots of opportunities right here in our own community. Who knows where life will take us. Los Alamos will always be our base, our home but an adventure for a year or two would be great.  I have always wanted to live where I could swim everyday of the year. Maybe God has bigger plans than a hot tub in our backyard. 

Each of you would have to come vacation in the sun if this becomes a reality. For now, it is just eye opening to explore all the situations available. God knows what kiddos are out there for me to embrace in my next venture. It feels like a growing season for us and we need to be open and searching for the right fit for the next few years. 

There will be plenty of time for us to sit on our back porch watching young families at our park. That is one of your greatest joys and living here continues to be a blessing. Our connection to this community is a gift but it may be time for a bit of sand between our toes.

Trusting In Him,

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