Saturday, October 31, 2015

Natalie Like Me? I Long To Be Like Her

A text from my daughter

'Did you know that sometimes I feel like we are the same person?'

We all talk about aspiring to be like our moms. 
My mom is slow to anger, always says yes to going and doing, and has unlimited energy.
Absolutely, I want to be like my mom.

What we rarely consider is our kids wanting to be like us.
When Natalie wrote these words yesterday, I immediately thought of all the ways I wouldn't want her to be like me. Negative self image. Next, I imagine all the ways I would love to be like my creative daughter. Positive image. The truth is I am beyond flattered that my 'chosen' girl considers us to be so alike as to be the same person.

Natalie, my Natalie is a 25 year old success story. Oh she doesn't always see herself that way any more than I consider myself a 59 year old success story. But she most definitely is succeeding in life.
Courageously pursuing her talents. Living a dream that has taken her from New Mexico to Colorado and now a cute little casa by the sea. She is living life with her toes in the sand. How many of us long to go to the beach for a week to renew and refresh. My girl is building her life there each and everyday.

Natalie is like me.  But thankfully she is so much better at saying yes to life and opportunities than I am.  I strive to be more like her in reaching out to embrace moments.

My heart is full of gratitude for my connection with my Natalie. Our mother/daughter bond is more than I could ever hope for. Oh how I love this girl, my girl.

In Him,

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