Sunday, November 1, 2015

I Can Bring Someone To Church This Morning

Last week Pastor Kevin asked us to invite one person to church with us this week. Why is this so difficult? We think we are invading others with our faith. The truth is we are sharing our greatest blessing with them. Church goers are not the only ones with a God sized hole in their lives. They are just the ones who are filling the hole with the love and peace of Christ.

Our lives goal is to Know Him and to make Him known. What better way to share Christ than to pick them up and take them to the place that fills you. Ron and I invited two people we love with all our heart. I pray they come with us today.

Would you be afraid to share needed medical care or food if someone was hungry? God walks beside me everyday getting me through even the roughest storms. I don't want to offend anyone just share my most precious gift with them. I know the difference He can make in their lives. I know because I would not have survived without Him.

In Him,

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