Thursday, October 8, 2015

Together or Apart, Couples at Heart

Ron is having an incredible time on his retirement adventure. He will be gone a full month by the time he walks through our door next Wednesday. I am not jealous of his trip. When we are with our kids and family together we have time with them as us. This trip for the first time he was with them just Ron, Dad, Papa, Uncle Ron. To me it is so important to spend time relating to others one on one. How different it is to spend time with our grandkids without their parents once in a while. We simply relate to them differently. Spend time with them in different ways. Listen and understand their thoughts and dreams in a unique way.

Big family get togethers are great. But time spent with individuals reaches below the surface into their hearts.

Ron went salmon fishing with our oldest son, Cameron yesterday. Before that he spent a couple days climbing Mount Rainier with his brother. He took the time to have coffee with our niece. Today, he flies back to southern California to visit Bethany and Tanner then spend a few days with Natalie in Oceanside.

I love that he has had this trip. Jealousy has not been a part of my heart. Spending time apart gives us conversation about our adventures. It will be wonderful to have him home and back in my arms next week. I look forward to sharing what I have been up to here at home and listening to all the stories that were too many to share on his Facebook Trip Diary. God knows I adore this man I have spent my life with. But I also see the value in sharing him and venturing out on our own.

Last summer Ron was home for a month while I traveled almost the same route with my mom and Lissa. It was good to see that he could survive at home without me and that I could plan and drive over 5000 miles without him. But I am confident that our next trips will be together. Sharing the travels not on the phone but hand in hand.

In Him,


  1. What a wonderful post. I so agree with you. Large family gatherings are great but not much of a one on one opportunity. Trying to get my blog up and going again. Trying to hook up with old blogging buddies. Blessings.

    1. Will look forward to reading yours. I lost touch with many that I was reading.

  2. Yes, spending time with relatives on a one to one basis is special. Our family of my husband and I and our adult sons do that from time to time.