Friday, October 2, 2015

Iphones, Ipads, Desktops Make Homework A Multi-State Undertaking

Remember when the house phone would ring and someone would say, "I'll get it!"
Now if someone says that~I'm like,
"Who do you think you are, and why are you touching my phone?" unknown author

We have come so far in communicating through technology. Even homework has changed. It used to be parents and their kids sitting at the dinner table with encyclopedias and dictionaries spread out.

Last night, Ron, who is in Washington babysitting our grandkids, was helping Kenzie with her 4th grade math homework. While Papa was looking up You Tube videos of how to make a tape diagram,
Kenzie Face timed me  in New Mexico. I got on our desktop computer and looked up tape diagrams.
I turned the camera on my phone around and so Kenz could see the word problem while I read it. Then we went through the tape diagram for the problem.

I am a middle school teacher and Ron is an engineer and it took 2of us thousands of miles apart and 4 devices, 2 websites, and about half an hour to complete one 4th grade math problem. 

How in the world did parents used to help their kiddos homework done in the old days?
I forgot. They weren't working with Common Core.

In Him,

The blessing is that both Kenzie and Lissa FaceTime me to get help with their homework. I love that. Being states away from my grandkids is tough. Connecting with them and being a part of their daily lives is such a gift that technology has made possible. 

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