Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Half Empty, Half Full, Overflowing.

I read that since the glass is half full of water and half full of air it is actually a full glass. 
That makes sense to me. 
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
I have a choice of what attitude I am going to have in this holiday.
Be sad for who I am not with or rejoice in those I will sit down with.
Ron and I are going to be guests at my sister's home this year.
It is a new season that doesn't include our kids and grandkids around the table this year.
Half empty or half full?
Here are a few of the half full of 2015.
Natalie lives at the beach.
We get to help our grand girls with homework over FaceTime.
Tanner and Bethany's love and life.
Trips to visit family with family.
Mary is home with her Savior.
My Mom with me.
2 minute messages.
My work family.
Middle schoolers in my life.
Ron's retirement.
Morning time routine.
Friends that are family in my life.
Cam and Britt's hearts for ministry.
Natalie and Ryan.
Sense of humor.
Under one roof.

There are of course a million more and the list could be pages long. 
But the truth is seeing what fills my life rather than what has emptied out of my life 
is the focus I want and need.
When I start listing all the blessings in my life I see that not only is my life full,
it is overflowing.

In Him,

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  1. Full and overflowing with blessings. That is true of you as you wrote, and of me too.