Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Selfless, I Want To Live Like That

A couple nights ago, my family was sitting on the back porch enjoying a perfect summer evening. Someone suggested using a handful of positive words to describe important people in our lives. 
I was blown away when my daughter's first word for me was  selfless.
Of course I strive to live selflessly and hope to live Joyful~~Jesus, Others, then Yourself but I always feel I fall short. It gives me encouragement that my daughter perceives me living my life this way. 
Jealousy is something I seem to struggle with. Not that I am jealous of what others have but rather I am jealous of the time and attention I want from others. That is my biggest growth area.
 So with an encouraging word I am going to try to become less selfish and more selfless in all aspects of life.
It is not what you gather but what you scatter that matters in life.
Now to keep that in my mind's eye!

Yesterday we saw this sign at a record store in Santa Barbara. They didn't have them for sale so we took a picture. The clerk said someone had just stuck it on their wall. I suppose we could have just taken it. It wouldn't have been the selfless thing to do, ya think?

We could try using 5 words to describe ourselves. Do our lives match the way we want to live? hmmm

In Him,

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  1. I like your idea of Jesus, others, then yourself, and that sign is cute.