Monday, November 2, 2015

Plugging Into Others~Not Just Devices

Plugging in is what we do these days. We plug in our phones, computers, kitchen appliances. Never before were so many outlets needed in our homes, cars, and at work. Each of us has our 'personal' devices to recharge.

Lately, I have been thinking how we need to take time to energize ourselves not just our electronics.  It seems like the right way to do this is to actually unplug. This morning I was sitting here as usual with my computer in my lap, dog by my side ready to do my Bible study. Neither of the 2 sites I use would load. My Bible and reading glasses are sitting on the table right beside me. But my routine is to do the Bible study on the computer. So I wasted time rather than connecting with His word. Silly me.

Ron and I took a drive up in the Jemez Saturday and had a wonderful conversation. We haven't been walking much lately which is our usual time to connect. Yesterday we went to our 2 church homes and then watched football most of the day. This weekend was a pleasant time to recharge and reconnect.

Personal devices connect us but like my online Bible study there are times when our cyber connections fail, fall short or just keep trying to load. Last summer I was better about reaching out and sitting down with various friends face to face. Sadly, I need to be as intentional with plugging into other's lives as I am about keeping my devices charged.

My friend opened my eyes this weekend. She told me her perception was that I was always busy and engaged in activities with others. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I struggle with isolating myself from others. Her words make me realize that many of us don't reach out to each other believing they are too busy to get together. The truth is more likely that they are under the same false idea that we are too busy for them.

Ron is so good at having a 'breakfast club' list. He calls others to connect on Saturday mornings. I am blessed by his intentional connecting. We sit down and catch up with others almost weekly. Now that is a great way to plug in and recharge. Sharing our lives and stories with others.

In Him,

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