Saturday, November 21, 2015

Joy Comes In The Morning~ For Me At 5 AM

Pat gave me the perfect sign that I will set on my table where I do my 5am Bible Study and blog. This weekend I get to spend time with my sister/friend. It is always so healing to come to Pat's hang out in jammies by her fireplace drinking coffee and catching up. We both get a lot of crocheting done as we solve all the world's problems. In reality, we share our hearts, faith and laughter. 

This sign she gave me is the perfect gift because I have given myself this gift recently. That sounds confusing so let me explain. I have struggled with insomnia and typically can't sleep past 4:30 in the morning. It annoyed the heck out of me and I grumbled about it constantly. Last summer, I decided to let my early mornings be a blessing not a curse. We all say it is about the attitude, right? 

So I started getting my butt out of bed and spending time praying on my knees, doing Kay Daigle's Bible studies and blogging. This has been such a gift that I gave myself with a simple adjustment to my way of looking at my mornings. Now I sleep till 5 and look forward to getting up with my coffee, my Kylie pooch and my God. I have my routine down. Kylie goes out while I make coffee then we curl up with the laptop and get started. Kneeling to pray over my large, soft ottoman makes time in prayer powerful and encouraging. My prayer journal is filling up with answered prayers for those I love. Even Tanner's new motorcycle is an answer to prayer. 

I love 5am so much now. It is no longer my enemy but my friend.
Joy comes in the morning if you just have the right outlook. 

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