Sunday, November 22, 2015

Practicing Unoffendable

I am reading Unoffendable by Brandt Hansen.
Last week, Ryan Gilbert told one of my heart girls that praying out loud takes practice.
He suggested she begin by practicing in her car when she was alone and comfortable.

Likewise, being unoffended by others takes practice. 
Practicing forgiveness and grace in our car for other drivers is a start.

Truth is we know nothing of what others are going through or what motivates
them to act as they act. We see situations through our own lens.
Others are offended by us without us even being aware.

We assume intentions.
We don't know.
We can choose to have grace rather than judgement.
It is a choice.
But it does take practice to retrain our attitudes and let go of 'offended'.
I am practicing this.
Practice makes perfect?
I will settle for less offended to start.

Yesterday, I started and changed my attitude when Kylie's dog groomer
was crabby about the mats in her hair and assured me that she would do her best. 
She wouldn't make any promises since I had let her go too long without a proper grooming.

My first instinct (the attitudes I have practiced for too long) was to tell her to forget it.
Snatch Kylie from her grip and slam the door behind me offended.
I took a breath.
Considered her busy day that brought her to rudeness and thanked her for trying.

When I returned later to pick Kylie up, she looked gorgeous.
The groomer went on and on about what a sweet dog Ky is.
It was to Kylie and my benefit for me not to react.
I was gifted with one more practice session on changing my heart to acceptance.

I am not unoffendable but I am working on it.
This is a gift I am working on giving myself for that I need practice, so much practice.

In Him,

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  1. That is a great concept of being unoffendable, at least over small things.