Sunday, November 29, 2015

Kyle! Courageous With His Truth

Kyle, my brilliant nephew got his degree in engineering, is a scuba instructor, Uber driver and now has begun a career in real estate. Successful diversity! When he looks at his life from his 31 year old perspective he seems to see failure or at the very least wasted time and missed opportunities. When I look at his life from my 59 year old perspective I see an exceptionally gifted man who has lived life, experienced more than most and who has not been stuck on one path. 

I am confident if five years from now Kyle decides real estate is not his wheelhouse and moves on to any other endeavor he will be just as successful in the next undertaking. Kyle sometimes feels he hasn't arrived because of his variety of vocations. When I look at his choices I see courage. Most would not be courageous enough to admit that engineering was not what they wanted after spending the time and energy to get an engineering degree. Kyle's leaving engineering is not a sign of quitting. He spent years in this career. This was not a snap decision. Kyle's leaving engineering proved that he was in touch with himself and willing to put in the effort to find what was the right fit. Most people would have stayed where the money was and been miserable for a lifetime. 

Kyle may have been born with an engineers brain like his dad and uncles but he just doesn't have the heart of an engineer. With his wonderful personality he has found that he has the heart of a salesman and for now real estate is the plan. 

Tomorrow will be what it will be and my nephew will listen to his heart and follow where ever it leads. That makes this aunt so proud.

In Him,

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  1. What a great story Joy. We have 6 children and all 6 have college degrees. Several of them are not involved in the major they selected. But they realize that whatever you study it always helps make them into what they really want to do. I admire Kyle very much as you are so right. It takes guts to make a change.