Monday, December 14, 2015

Whole 30 Halfway There

Whole 30
Day 15
I am here at day 15 on December 14th. It hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be. I really didn't think I could live without cheese. There have been only 3 oops moments. One was intentional when I took bread for communion, one was rice chex which my brain converted to corn chex which would have been allowable, and the last was raspberry dressing that didn't list sugar as an ingredient but I am not convinced. One of the hardest parts is not getting on a scale. I didn't do this particularly for weight loss but what if I gain 5 pounds? 

The truth is I don't feel much different with energy, sleep or any other way. Just a nagging hunger all the time. Which doesn't make sense since there is plenty of food and fats in this program. But it has given me focus and a reminder that it is okay to be hungry. A growling stomach won't kill me. I have been using the growl to remember to pray for those who are truly starving in our world rather than whine for what I am choosing to give up.

By far the greatest gift of this program is finding out I can commit to it even during this season of gatherings that always involves sweet treats. Ron started with me and is supportive but he has his donut on Sunday. It is kind of like my communion excuse. Right? I really have felt less deprived than I thought I would. Last night, I made us tacos and just didn't put cheese on mine. I have not had cravings except for when we were in Santa Fe close to Tyler's Upper Crust Pizza place. When I add cheese  and grain back to my diet, I am going to have at least one slice of his famous pesto, feta cheese pizza.

This past 15 days have made me more conscious of all that I mindlessly stuff in my mouth. When the 30 days are over I hope I can remain more mindful of what I eat. Adding back foods one at a time will hopefully show me if there are any that I should avoid long term. My gut tells me it will be dairy. That is the one that is hardest to give up. Even devout vegan Natalie took a year as a chegan because giving up cheese is hard. 

Did I pick the right time to do this? Yep! Thank you April for explaining it and encouraging me. I am thankful to know I can be disciplined even at this 'sweet' time of year. Halfway through~ I got this!

In Him,

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  1. Congrats Joyful. It ain't easy.Especially at Christmas time.