Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Super Brain Yoga~ I Am Willing to Give It a Try!

I don't know if this works. There are You Tube videos and testimonials that say it is life changing. What I do know is a couple minutes a day is worth a try. I am going to start this with my students and do it with them. Could it hurt? Hoping it could be life improving for my mom with memory loss at 81 years old. Even our living skills teacher who has kids who have Down Syndrome is going to give it a try. 

Little investment with unknown outcome so not much to lose but possibly something to gain. When Cam was little he had trouble crossing midline. He would write on his paper until he got to the middle of the page and then have to twist out of his chair so he could finish writing without his pencil going past the center of his chest. Often he would fall out of his chair. His uninformed teacher thought he was being naughty and trying to get attention. With some simple exercises we got him through it. I am grateful for an informed occupational therapist.

For me, getting both sides of the brain working together in this simple way makes sense. Saying it is life changing may be an over reach but I am willing to give it a try. Modern medicine hasn't helped my mom all that much. This is so worth a try.Let me know if you decide to join us and if you see any improvement. I know I would like to stop looking for my keys so often.

In Him,

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