Friday, January 8, 2016

Complete Surrender For Each Of Us

Father Jesus, only You know in what's circumstances we can finally surrender all. Help us trust You with our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Their were never promises that this life would be without storms and heartbreak, your promise has always been that You are here. You are with us even when we don't choose to reach out and take Your hand.

Father take our hands now, this very moment and breath into us courage, comfort, complete surrender and a complete trust that Your love is the healing salve that will bring the blue skies. Life is too difficult to walk through on our own. You are faithful. Bring us to our knees, hands in the air completely dependent on You. Wrap us in the warmth of Your all encircling love.

Today can be that first day, first ray of sunshine and hope. First we must surrender our will.. He must surrender His will. We say he needs to hit his low point where he takes let's go completely. It is the same for us. We haven't let go ourselves. You need our complete surrender, our belief in You that You have him. You love him even more than we do. You are his answer. You are our answer. Father let us come to You as small children. Let us crawl in Your mighty lap as innocent children I in need of Your complete protection. Protection even from ourselves and our misguided choices.

Today let me surrender all.  Let us surrender all.  Let him surrender all to You. Then the new beginning can begin. The sunshine can flood out from these storm clouds and You can bring Your rainbow. Promise of a new day, fresh start hand in hand with You.

Lord above
Comfort me
Give me courage
Help me see
Guide my actions
Guide my words
Let me know
My prayers are heard


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