Thursday, January 14, 2016

Taking Care of Me Today

I am really trying to believe this today. It has been an exhausting week for me from a hospital stay to a road trip ending with a much needed visit with my son. Today I am taking the day off work. That makes 4 days in the last couple weeks. That is too much! But each of them have been necessary.

My head says I shouldn't be at work when I am exhausted and sick but my heart says my students need me there. Our clinical counselor is on jury duty, one student just got into my program, others are dealing with a variety of stresses. I feel such a strong pull to be there to support them. Tomorrow. I will not be affective today even if I go in.

What I know is that my staff is incredible. They love and support the kids and the program as much as I do. The program can go on without me. Especially a less than healthy me. So what I need to do today is rest. Rest and let go of the guilt of missing a few days of work. Stay in my jammies all day, drink lots of water, and rest. 

I am convinced that the quote above is true. Now to act on that fact. The world can and will spin even if I am sitting still.

In Him,

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  1. I am glad you are letting that guilt go, and staying home and pampering yourself.