Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pajama Days or A Big Old Funkfest

I don't want to be in a funk. The last couple weeks have been rough with health and family issues. So this past 3 day weekend I decided I just needed to rest. Rest and recover was my goal. Ron is out doing his archeology gig so I literally had the house to myself with only my puppy for company. But after a couple days laying around in my pjs binging on Netflix, I was feeling worse not better. 

There is a fine line between depression and relaxation. I think I dipped my toe into this funk. There are too many people I love going through heartaches. So I decided to be throw a pity party for me. Nothing got solved, nothing go accomplished but I did rest, shed tears and wallow. Funk accomplished!

Now to get back to life, clean up my messes, put on my big girl panties and roll up my sleeves. Life is never all sunshine and rainbows but it is never all thunderstorms and dark days either. The good with the bad is always a part of life.

So I am back at work tackling the hurdles that are a part of middle school life and cherishing these last weeks of my teaching career. March is coming when I promised myself a final answer to the retirement question. I am 90% sure this is my last year. But it is so hard to say goodbye to a life I love with staff and students that are my family. God has other plans for me so I just have to reach out and grab the next chapter.

Feeling blessed to be out of pajamas and back in my life. My prayers are with each of you who are going through funks of your own.

In Him,


  1. How good you had your pity and relaxation party and are rejoining the world. Retirement is so fun. I posted on my blog about how I enjoy it today.

  2. Glad you accomplished your funk. ((HUGS)) Yes I need to put on those big girl panties and get busy. I've been lazy for too long. Wishing you success.