Friday, January 22, 2016

Unplugged and Reset

My brilliant daughter pointed out to me the reason I have been in a funk lately is that I have slipped back into old morning routines. Or you could say I slipped away from the morning routine that was serving me so well. Ron was battling the flu then off to an archeology conference. I was sleeping on the couch and just sort of stayed there when he left for AZ. Trouble is the couch is in the room with the TV and morning news programs. What I need in the morning is not to lay around letting news filter in but to sit in my room by the fire with coffee in hand and a Bible study and blog to start the day.

So here I sit this morning. Not laying around but sitting up ready to embrace what makes my days less funky and more engaging. Christ centered start along with a bit of caffeine. Sometimes we just need someone close to us to remind us that we should do what works best. Isolating gone, television zombie unplugged and time to get back to friendships and communication with those I love.

Call me and we should hang out. Just not from 5-6:30 am. I already have a date.

In Him,

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