Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mom Shares My Successful Journey

Today is my last ever teacher observation. I am excited to show my boss man what my students are achieving in my class. He will be watching us review vocabulary, questions and then read and respond to To Kill A Mockingbird. My tradition has always been to send my evaluation to my Mom. Kind of a sharing my report card sort of thing. Many principals have found it humorous when I ask for two copies to send one to her. I figure she worked hard to put me through school depositing her entire paycheck from JC Penneys directly into my account for four years. She has earned the right to see the positive impact I get to make on kiddos throughout the years because of her unselfishness.

My Mom didn't have to work. She chose to work and never kept any of her hard earned money for herself. No mani/pedis or new outfits for my Mom. She worked back in the day when, not only did they have to wear dresses, pantyhose and closed toed shoes but they could only wear black. Her dedication to allowing me to be the first in our family to graduate from college has always been so important to me. Of course, I send her the evidence that what she did so many years ago has been valued for decades. My years of hard work and positive evaluations are our success not my success.

I am so proud of who my Mom is and what she gave me. She provided me with my hearts desire~to spend my life teaching. I have 40 days left in my classroom, my home. As I say goodbye to this adventure I know there is the perfect spot for me to land to continue touching lives. My Mom will be a part of whatever God has next for me every step of the way. Mom truly has been and will always be the 'Wind Beneath My Wings'.

In Him,

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