Friday, April 15, 2016

He Still Reaches For My Hand

The sweet comfort of holding my hand is a simple act that makes me feel loved. Our home is now an empty nest with our children all living in other states. Though I miss our bustling family, I adore evenings at home with Ron simply watching television or recounting our days to each other. My heart melts as Ron reaches over and takes my hand. My high school sweetheart enjoys our touch just as much as I do.

Life and love really does come down to connections and the loving moments where we are connected. Ron's act of reaching out to take my hand still makes my heart flutter. It occurs to me that this is my teenage dream come true. To be cherished and loved day after day, year after year. I feel so blessed. It has taken a lifetime and heartaches along the way to reach this evening of handholding. But I have to say again that I am grateful for the life path that has brought us to this time and space.

In Him,

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  1. So loved your post. We will celebrate 56 years together next week and things are not always perfect,but every night er have a goodnight kiss and his "Everything will be alright." hug has sustained me for 56 years.