Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Laptop Found, Grateful Teacher

Time to be thankful. As I get ready to retire, I need to turn in my school laptop that I have been fortunate enough to use for the past decade. My Mom bought an iPad that she has decided is not something she wants to learn. So she gifted me with it for my 60th birthday. Now I got a keyboard for it and can type away in style. I do have to remember that there is no mouse since the iPad has a touch screen.

So I am okay with turning in my laptop at the end of the school year. After I take off all my pictures, music and quotes. Then this weekend I misplaced my laptop. I have frantically searched everywhere for it. We had testing on Monday and I needed my laptop to get kids into the PARCC program. Thankfully we have the most understanding tech gals that hooked me up with a loaner and the kids were able to test away.

Here it is Tuesday and I have searched what seems like every inch of my home, school, and Jenn's and my car. Not only went over with a fine tooth comb but went over each place several times. My helpful IAs helped me move furniture and joined the search with me. I was worried that I would have to pay for the laptop or worse yet someone would imagine that I "lost" it on purpose so I didn't have to turn it in.

This evening after searching under beds and behind couch cushions one more time a lightbulb went off in my head. I had been working on taxes in Natalie's room. A room Ron and I never go in. There under my pile of papers was my laptop with my Seahawks sticker staring up at me.

I am so grateful. Grateful I found it. Grateful so many helped in my search and grateful that those who know me never thought evil thoughts that I was trying to scam a laptop from the schools. Tonight I will sleep peacefully and tomorrow I will test 8th graders from my own (for a few more weeks) laptop.

In Him,

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  1. How great that you found it, it is frustrating to know something is in the house but you can not find it. Plus the stress of it belonging to the school and you will need to turn it in. So all is well.