Saturday, June 11, 2016

Final Day With Our Newfound Family of Peruvian People in Trujillo

On Monday it seemed like Tuesday mostly because we had traveled over 24 hours to arrive in Peru. This made it seem that time was moving slowly. Here it is Saturday and our mission portion of this trip is rapidly coming to a close. It is difficult to think of saying 'Adios' to the worship team and those who have come to VBS, women's ministry and worship with us. Their stories, prayer requests, and hearts were shared openly even with the barrier of 2 different languages. Each of us has picked up Spanish and are perfecting Spanglish that we are understanding more words each day. What is simple to understand is the hearts and faces of those who belief that prayer can better their circumstances. Heads bowed and arms wrapped around each other we pray. God does not require our words to know our hearts. Faith is in the faces that are moved to tears in these humble surroundings.

The joy and laughter of the children is contagious. We have smiled and laughed with pure joy at their silly antics. I posted a picture of a boy who wanted his picture taken in the 'bano' bathroom. He thought it was so funny when he kept pulling the curtain back and pretending to be embarrassed. All children appreciate crafts and the joy in these faces as we share crayons and coloring books is heart filling. Joy pressed on my heart as I handed out baggies of crayons or created spinners out of recycled Manila folders. You see my generous students at Los Alamos Middle School used the die cut machine to make all the spinners and they bagged all the crayons since buying crayons in bulk allowed us to bring enough for all 1000 kiddos that we hope to touch this week. 

It is with exhausted bodies but heads and hearts full of love that we prepare for our last day of activities with these people. Everyday here has been a treasure but perhaps today will be cherished a bit more as we prepare to say 'hasta la vista' goodbye to our new found family here in Peru. Brothers and sisters in Christ.

In Him,

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  1. Our grandson spent 2 weeks in Peru, just got back. He is a business major and did his visit to study the culture of business in Peru. Can't wait to talk to him.