Monday, July 11, 2016

Corn Is A Vegetable, Grain As Well As A Fruit. Who Knew?

Yesterday I had a discussion about Whole 30. The simple plan is eat this, don't eat this. There is a whole book you can buy, read and follow. The discussion turned to whether corn is a grain or a vegetable. I looked it up. It is not only a vegetable and a grain but also a fruit. Who knew?

The truth is that after the discussion I will now say I am doing a modified Whole 30. I don't want to argue. I want to be obedient to what I am doing. This 30 days is about me sacrificing and eliminating food groups from my diet. Giving up cheese is the toughest challenge for me. Tracy is doing it with me and for her giving up diet soda has been the hardest. That and not licking her fingers when she cooks for her kiddo's and church family.

This is a personal journey. It is between me, myself, and I. Arguing about the particulars is not necessary. There won't be a test at the end of this. There will be a feeling of satisfaction in completing it and getting to a healthier place. Today is day 9 of 30. I am no longer hungry all the time. Tomorrow I will be a third of the way through. I am patting myself on the back. I can do this and that is what matters. Knowing that I can have self-control doing Whole 30.

Disclaimer~ We give more money in Monopoly than the rules call for and that is okay too.

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