Sunday, July 10, 2016

Unless You Have A Covered Porch

'Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.'
Unless you have a covered porch.
Yep, that is what I said. Attitude is all about the covered porch. With it you can relax with a cup of hot coffee in a comfy chair. Without it you just look out the window chilled by the drizzle and day ahead. The goal in life is then to have a covered porch even if you have to grab a hammer and some nails and build the darn thing yourself. The truth is in today's world you can simply go out and get one of those big, square shades that accordion out and put your covered porch up in a matter of minutes. Simple solution to change your outlook on the too often unappreciated downpours in life. 

Our attitude whether dreading our surroundings or embracing them determines how we look out on life. A few years ago, I quit dreading my 5am brain alarm and shifted to looking at it as the precious quiet time that it is. Now I can sleep past 5 and am bummed when I roll over and look at my phone and it is 7am. I can relax as I start my day with coffee, Bible study and blog time when my brain snaps on at 5. When it waits until 7 to get going I am forced to get up and move. Quiet time lost. 

I wanted a covered porch to sit under and listen to the rain for most of my life. The house we are in has a wonderful covered porch. The hope was always to read, swing in the hammock, or just be outside during our summer monsoons. The sound and smell of a warm, summer rain is so relaxing. Now that I have a perfect for me covered porch I rarely take time to enjoy it the way I just knew I would. But the fact that I could sit out there makes me happy.

The point of my 5am/covered porch story is that I really need to expand this thinking to turn my attitudes around in other areas of my life. What are the things that I crank and crab about over and over? Is there a way I could simply look at them differently and be more positive. Embrace rather than throw a pity party about these circumstances? Well, I will have to think on that. There are surely several areas of life that I grouch about. Wonder if there is really a way to put a positive spin on Ronnie B.'s backseat driving or the fact that my Mom is having a hard time remembering. Guess I will go out and sit on the porch and pray about that.

In Him,

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