Saturday, September 24, 2016

Happy Birthday My Son

Cameron is 32 years old today. It seems just a short while ago that we awaited his birth. His birth mother was scheduled to be induced on Monday at noon. Ron was so nervous so he went to work to await the call. My friend Anne came over to keep me from going insane waiting. We cleaned the house and organized our purses. Mark kept us entertained with crazy name choices. His picks were Wanda Gazelle or Tate Farley. We wanted to see our new baby before we chose the perfect name for the perfect addition to our family.

When the call from the hospital finally came the nurse asked if we could hear all the beautiful, baby noises in the background. Yes! There was a lot of commotion going on the other end of the phone. She informed us that there was only one baby in their nursery and he was all ours. He definitely had great lungs!

I had my blue and white outfit picked out to go along with Cameron's red and white one. Might as well start him off as a patriot. When we got to the hospital in the late afternoon, we scrubbed our arms and listened to the nurses instructions before she sat me in a rocking chair and placed Cam in my arms. Within seconds his dad couldn't stand it and took him onto his lap. He unwrapped our new bundle of love and counted fingers and toes. Perfect son.
Cam came out a bit wrinkled from being a month overdue. His birthmom was barely 17 years old and had what was called an adolescent pregnancy. This meant that Cam never dropped so they had to have a c-section.

Remember we wanted to see him before we named him. Star Wars had just come out in 1984 with Jabba the Hut. Cameron's~too long in the water~ wrinkles made us think of Jabba. No we were not about to name our son Jabba. He proudly became Cameron Logan Barber. Logan after Ron's dad and Cameron from an explorer in the Southwest.

Six months earlier we had broken hearts when our first son, Logan, went back to the arms of his birthmother. Life works out the way it is supposed to. Logan became Austin and we had our Cameron. We would not have Cameron without losing Logan. God knows. He sees the big picture even as we are going through the storms of life. We were meant to have this beautiful, curious, faithful son. Cameron our son.

Cameron is now 32 married to his beautiful wife, Brittney, and has three super kiddos. He is a pastor at Calvary South Sound in Lakewood, Washington. We now FaceTime with their family. When Cam was born my parents had to wait a couple weeks for us to develop film and then send them in the mail. Times have changed in the last 32 years. Now we see family live from thousands of miles away. Kayla can show us her missing tooth, Kenzie shares her soccer successes, and Timmy takes us into his room to show us his latest Lego creation. Our lives were always meant to be blessed by our son, Cameron.

Happy birthday to our son, our heart. Hope he enjoys his day. We will see you on the iPad in a little while. We are so thankful he is our son.

In Him,

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  1. What a lovely story of your son who is a great addition to your family and has given you a daughter in law and 3 grand kids. He is the son you were meant to have, God gave you the right one.