Saturday, September 24, 2016

Three Heart's Desires

"Today is the day!" This is a positive, persistent outlook that Mel Fisher lived each and everyday while treasure hunting for the Atocha. Sixteen years of hard work, tremendous sacrifice and positive persistence paid off when he finally found his treasure. Each of us has a treasure out there to pursue. For most of us it will not be emeralds and gold bars but something even more valuable. A life lived fully with a career path that is satisfying and rewarding along with family and friends who support us through all the good times and bad. The task is to remain positive and focused leaning toward what matters to us in life. Rather than settling by surrounding ourselves with fair weather friends or remaining in jobs that don't spark our souls we need to strive toward being fulfilled.

For me being Ron's wife, a teacher and a mom were my three heart's desires. Falling in love with my high school sweetheart was my hope for a year. Every time I left the house I told my mom to tell Ron where I was when he called. He didn't call for almost a year and when he did, my mom almost dropped the phone. Becoming a special education teacher was the goal. No one in my family had ever gone to college before. My mom worked at JC Penneys and deposited her whole paycheck in my account. She did this while juggling all her other jobs including bookkeeper to my dad's construction company. I worked to pay my way through school as well. First, I studied to get the grades to get an academic scholarship then I worked at a drugstore throughout college. Even becoming a mom was a pursuit in positive persistence. When the docs found endometriosis the first step was to get healthy then see how to get pregnant. When the day came that made it clear that even with multiple surgeries my womb was not only closed for reproduction but literally in the hospital trash, I immediately reached toward adoption options. Our family of six was formed, chosen, created through the generous, loving hearts of birth moms who shared their most precious gifts with us.

My heart's desires all came to be. They didn't just happen. I had to be brave enough to stick to it even when the odds seemed stacked against ever achieving my dreams. Ronnie B. could have been quicker on date number one. I could have been born in a family that college was a given. My body could have been built to give birth. But life is what life is and I could have settled and given up on my hopes and dreams or I could have done what I did. Worked hard to make those dreams a reality. Looking back as a now sixty year old I am so glad I never gave up but believed in and worked to make my life~this life.

Today is the day. The day I am sitting on a houseboat with my Ronnie B. My teaching days may be behind me but the lives I have touched and the relationships will forever exist. This is the day that my kids are grown and I already have five wonderful grandkids. Positive persistence. Certainly there were days of despair. Days I thought it was hopeless but faith, family and friends are the support and drive that got me through. My heart and life is full. The journey has been more than I could imagine or dream of. Today is definitely the day I am grateful for my life.

In Him,

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