Friday, September 30, 2016

Las Cumbres, My Path

Life's next adventure is beginning to unfold. I am becoming a part of my new work family after taking a slight wrong turn at a wrong for me job. Las Cumbres Community Services worked with my Natalie from birth to three years old. They provided her with services so she could be the best Natalie she could be. What a beautiful support at the beginning of her life. Now I am fortunate to be in a position to go from guiding middle schoolers to reaching out to families with these wee ones. Each of their story will be different but I get to be a part of their first chapter.

FIT~Families, Infants and Toddlers is a federally funded program ran by states to provide services to any child who is at risk or has needs that shouldn't wait to be addressed until they are school age. I love that our government recognizes that early supports make for more successful lives. My gift now is that I get to be a part of several families lives. It seems I bring an insightful perspective having worked with older children and adolescents who struggle. God has placed me right where I am supposed to be in my next step after retirement. So thankful I am this path and moving forward.

In Him,

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