Thursday, October 20, 2016

Stepping It Up This Halloween

October 20th~ time to buy candy for Trick-or treaters soon. We have always tried to buy good candy but not fabulous/whole candy bar candy for the neighborhood goblins. The trick is to not buy the sweet stuff too early or Ron and I will surely need to go out and buy more. Purchasing Reese's is just not a safe idea. We all start worrying about putting on the pounds with the Thanksgiving feast and Christmas cookies but it really starts with Halloween. So the trick is to get candy the kids will love but not candy that we can't resist.

We all knew that house in the neighborhood or that street where people gave the best candy. Whole candy bars or light up toys. Donna Giaquento had that house when our kids were little. They always wanted to hit her house first before the good stuff ran out. I am sure she must have spent a house payment on the goodies she gave out. But it was worth it. Kiddos talked about her house all year. No one would dare litter in her yard or toss a ball to break a window. There was a certain awe about the generosity she represented.

At the house we live in now, we don't get a lot of little ones. We are at the end of the culdesac and our front door is not too obvious. But wait! I am Noni and I have Noni toys at Noni's Park right behind my house. Kids know my yard with Kylie dog and park toys. This is the year I need to step up the Halloween distributions. Full size candy bars and flashing lights to make sure they will come to my door. Now to set about a plan to gather what I need from Party City and find a candy bar that will make it to October 31st.

You adult friends stop by too. There is sure to be something warm or refreshing for our trick-or-drinking friends as well. Heck, maybe Ron will dust off our favorite Tummy Toot Whistle costume from our college days.

In Him,

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