Thursday, October 6, 2016

FIT is a Fit For Me!

is the perfect

Family, Infants and Toddlers
Las Cumbres

This is my new direction, next step, purpose after retirement. I have only been there two weeks and I know that this is my new work family, my people and the job is flexible and rewarding. Everyone is so inclusive helping me get connected with families and their wee ones. Yesterday I got to take a two hour drive with a couple of the greatest ladies. Their heart for these children is contagious. One of the little ones we saw was exited from the program at 27 months. The joy of seeing this kiddo go from being so delayed to catching up with his peers was all over their faces. Inspiring. And I get to be a part of it. 

How wonderful that there is a federal program to identify children at birth or shortly after to give them the supports they need even before school. The hope is that with interventions and cooperation with their families there will be less need for them to have supports when they are older. What a confidence booster to gain the skills in their early years instead of being behind when they arrive in kindergarten. 

God gently pressed me to retire from teaching and I believed I would be doing ABA with families of kids on the autism spectrum. Instead I am going to be walking beside families with these cute, tiny tots. There is so much for me to learn. How would I know when they should sit up, crawl, speak in three word sentences? It has been a lifetime since my own were mastering those skills. Thankfully, there are these incredibly enthusiastic ladies who are sharing their knowledge and their hearts with me. Middle school PSP was my home. Very quickly the FIT program and the people who work there are becoming a second home for me. How very blessed I am to continue friendships from school and gain friendships in this new to me world of little ones. Once I begin seeing families of my own I am convinced my heart will be even more full of the love and connection of others. 

In Him,

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