Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Adjusting Gramma Peabody's Promise As Life Unfolds

How is it that I make a cup of coffee in my Keurig each morning; same coffee, same water, same size~different taste? Some mornings, like this morning it is perfection. Other mornings I could be drinking hot water with a dozen cigarette butts. Peculiar. It would seem my morning coffee would be one of those constants in life. I am grateful that this is one of the better cups today. Perhaps it is always slightly different for those of you who add flavored creams and sugars or sweeteners. There is room for variety there but I drink mine black.

Isn't life kind of like my cup of morning Joe? We think the day is going to unfold a certain way; same job, same route to that job, same family beside us. Little things change the course of even the most routine day and at times major life events completely derail our days. Spinning it into tragedy or triumph. It is said that 'Life happens when you are making plans.' That is cliche but so true. If life isn't happening to us personally it could be a friend or family member going through the unexpected.

I guess the point in life, like with my coffee, is to be flexible enough to get through our days whatever comes our way. Perhaps I need to be willing to add a little something to my coffee and my life when it seems the taste is more bitter or harder to swallow. Gramma Peabody would probably forgive me for not 'drinking it black' now that I am 60. Even our promises from long ago may need to be adjusted to blend with life as it unfolds.

In Him,

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  1. I like this post. Little changes in life or coffee can yield very different outcomes and we will be happier if we accept the changes. Or put a little milk in our coffee, ha ha.