Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunsets, a Pillow, and a Herd of Elk

Ronnie B. made my night. One of my favorite times is when he calls to tell me to look outside so I don't miss a spectacular sunset. Sharing a moment even when we are not together touches me. After over 40 years together this man can still give me goosebumps like he did so many years ago. 

One of the reasons I fell in love with my guy was how he thought of me. When we were first married we packed up and went camping. Both of us were working and going to school so time together was precious. I learned a couple things about Ron on that brief outing. First even though we had a big pickup, he didn't think we needed to pack pillow. After all you can just roll up your jacket. This was insight on how we packed sparingly with seven of us in our 19 foot camper van to travel the country. Next, he spent a significant amount of time positioning our tent just so. I couldn't see why it mattered which way the tent was pitched. The next morning he was getting up early to photograph elk and letting me sleep in. One of the sweetest moments in our lives was the next morning when Ron brought me a cup of coffee in bed and binoculars, He had set up the tent so I could see the elk herd without even unzipping my sleeping bag. Wonderful. It still makes me love him even today. 

Over our lives we have had times when life was hectic, tragic, distant, and full of love. The magical moments between us is when we share a gift of the heart with each other. His phone call yesterday to make sure I didn't miss the beautiful sunset was one of those moments. Going on our evening walks hand in hand sharing our day is another. One of my favorite is when we take each other's hands and pray together and share our hearts with Jesus in the center of our love. 

Too many ladies I know have lost their life partners way too soon. I want to embrace all these times with Ronnie B. and all those I love in my life. None of us is promised tomorrow with the ones we love. The beauty of life is in each shared moment and all the loving memories. 

In Him,

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