Saturday, April 22, 2017

No Regrets When The Clothes Are Clean


We all live with the looking forward to the next moment. Worrying about what we should have accomplished but didn't. Things we put off or things we let go of too soon fill our thoughts.
Wouldn't it be glorious if we could forgive ourselves as easily as we forgive others.
Not only forgiving but moving past of missteps is healing.

The saying that we need to look out the windshield of life and not the rear view mirror is spot on.
Baby steps into the future.
Avoiding the pile of laundry doesn't get the clothes clean
Dwelling on how gigantic the pile was after it is all folded and fresh in the drawers and closet 
Seems pointless.
Just be glad the task is complete and let go of how you waited a really long time before completing it.

Looking forward
Moving forward
Forgiving ourselves along the way.

In Him,

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