Sunday, May 21, 2017

Glove Patrol At Pajarito

Mismatched winter gloves bring a smile to my face. For the fun filled years we took our kids to our hometown ski hill, the day ended with glove patrol. Most days we were the last ones on the hill and when we got our exhausted selves back to the jeep the parking lot was mostly as empty as the chair lifts. Ron always had our kiddos keep an eye out for abandoned gloves as we loaded up and headed home. Glove patrol was a traditional end to our family day on the slopes. Each of us hoping to be the one to spot the treasure of a glove resting in the snow.

Glove patrol also meant our kids wore mismatched gloves proudly. After all, they were the treasures that they themselves spied in the snow. Nowadays my grandkids wear mismatched socks. Heck if Lissa pulls out socks that match, she throws one back in the drawer and grabs another. Back then it most definitely wasn't cool to wear gloves that didn't match but the Barber kids wore them with pride.

This weekend I was emptying our not surprisingly overstuffed glove drawer. We are beginning a remodel and it was time to not house the dozens of misfit gloves. What memories that glove drawer conjured up for me. The long days of skiing and snowboarding almost every weekend with our kids. Me working the window selling lift tickets to get those free passes for our family of six. Natalie learning to ski independently at two. We were never going to let her cerebral palsy deny her a full life. Ryan peeing in his snow pants because taking time out to go to the bathroom meant time off the slopes. Tanner and his buddies being the last off the hill. Cameron taking his cousin Troy, who was 18, on the black diamonds his second day of skiing. All the memories of spending our winters at Pajarito are still here even as I bag up these glove treasures that nobody else will appreciate. They will sit on the thrift store shelf or be tossed in the trash as incomplete pairs.

The truth is I don't need the drawer full of gloves to embrace the gift of my memories. Okay, maybe I did keep a pair or two just because.

In Him,

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