Saturday, June 24, 2017

Catch Up Not Ketchup

A month? 
I haven't written in a month.
Writing is my joy,
My peace, my gift to myself. 
So why have I been avoiding it?
Maybe it is a season I am going through?
I haven't written daily in a long while. 
Maybe I don't need it the way I used to?
Maybe I am just getting out of the habit. 

No way is it that I don't have anymore stories to tell. 

So here is a brief catch up. 

We went to San Diego for Easter right after a fun trip to Washington with our grands. 
I went part time at work in June and for the first time in decades am working part time. 
We bought a 1990 20 foot motor home that has a toilet rather than a bucket and bag setup. 
Ron and I went to a strange, tactile maze for our 40 the anniversary.
We are looking forward to two trips this summer. 
First, Pismo Beach where we rented a verbose on the beach.
Our hope is my mom and all our kids and grandkids will be able to join us.
Next, we are going to Oregon to watch the first solar eclipse in 99 years to track all the way across the continental United States. 
Ron ordered his glasses, maps, and other goodies months ago. 

Our archetect is putting the final weeks on the plans for our remodel. 
We willl be glad to have the rv sitting in the drive with a kitchen and potty 
as they tear our home apart. 

This is not my typical blog. 
It feels more like a catch-up letter to a friend.  
At least it is me writing. 
I hope to write more regularly. 
Discipline is not my strength. 

In Him,

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